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Your Stay at KDH

It is our goal to provide the best possible care to our patients and their families in a warm, caring and safe environment. Because of the ever increasing pressures on our limited healthcare resources and because our patients tell us that they prefer the comforts of home, planning for your return home is started before you are admitted to the hospital. You are an important part of the healthcare team. In addition to progress reports, we meet daily to review your plan of care. If you feel that you may need help upon discharge, please share your concerns with any member of the health care team.

To enable us to make your hospital visit more comfortable, we suggest you bring the following articles with you:


· Housecoat

· Nightgown or pajamas

· Slippers or footwear with non-slip soles

We ask family members to be responsible for laundering these articles. Please label clothing. The hospital is not accountable for any lost or missing personal items.

Some items below may be purchased in the Gift Shop.

· Bar soap or body cleansing lotion

· Deodorant

· Unscented skin moisturizer/lotion/powder

· Toothbrush and toothpaste

· Mouthwash

· Hair brush and comb

· Shaving lotion/razor

· Hair shampoo and conditioner, hair combs, pins, etc.

· Hair nets/pins/clips/rollers

· Facial tissue

· Incontinence Products (if normally used at home)

· Feminine Hygiene Products

· Nail clipper/file