Kirkland District Hospital

March 2015  CEO Update

The Board of Directors of the Kirkland and District Hospital is pleased to announce that Lois Kozak, Interim CEO of the Englehart and District Hospital, has agreed to add KDH to her list of duties.  Ms. Kozak began work as the Interim CEO of KDH on February 23, 2015.  She brings with her a wealth of knowledge in the Health Care Sector, having started her career at the Englehart and District Hospital in 1976 as a Registered Nurse.  She was manager of the ER Department from 1984-1996 (this included the Well Women's Clinic and Employee Health).  Lois was the Patient Services Leader from 1996 to 2001 and then in 2001 she became the CEO until her retirement in December 2011.  She returned to the CEO position in the summer of 2014 as the Part Time Interim CEO and recently became the part time Interim CEO of Kirkland and District Hospital as well.  EDH and KDH have agreed to move ahead with an Integrated CEO so Lois will provide this service until a new permanent Integrated CEO is hired.

EDH and KDH Partnership

In January 2015 Englehart and District Hospital and Kirkland and District Hospital received approval from the NELHIN (North East Local Health Integration Network) to proceed with plans for shared leadership and partnership.  The two hospitals will work together to recruit and select an Integrated CEO to lead both organizations.  The hospitals will develop a partnership agreement that will set out shared principals and values, and the rules that the two hospitals will follow in working together.  It is intended that the shared CEO will be in place by summer of 2015. 

Roof Repairs

Designed Roofing Inc. began work on January 5, 2015. The roof replacement is being funded by the Ministry of Health through their HIRF (Hospital Infrastructure Renewal Fund) program and will have a total cost of approximately $ 396,000. The first task facing the contractors will be the removal of the ice and snow that have built up on the roof since the start of the winter. Snow removal was an ongoing chore. The main roof over the fourth floor and the penthouses over the east and west stairwells and the elevator shaft were removed and replaced. During the week of March 2, the contractor completed the balance of the roofing, installed the remaining gravel and all sheet metal flashings.