Kirkland District Hospital

April 2015 - EDH and KDH Partnership

In January 2015 Englehart and District Hospital and Kirkland and District Hospital received approval from the NELHIN (North East Local Health Integration Network) to proceed with plans for shared leadership and partnership.  The two hospitals will work together to recruit and select an Integrated CEO to lead both organizations.  The hospitals will develop a partnership agreement that will set out shared principals and values, and the rules that the two hospitals will follow in working together.  It is intended that the shared CEO will be in place by summer of 2015. 

April 2015 EDH and KDH-Name that Partnership!

The Englehart and District Hospital and Kirkland and District Hospital are embarking on a journey of shared leadership and partnership. We are currently working on the process to recruit potential CEO candidates for the new shared CEO position. We are also working to develop our Partnership agreement. Through this partnership, EDH and KDH will both continue to exist as separate hospitals, and a new partnership will be created.

As we work to finalize the Partnership Agreement, we will be asking staff at both Hospitals to help us choose a name for our partnership. Suggestions will be accepted until the end of April. The Englehart and Kirkland Lake Hospitals Planning Committee (EKHPC) will choose the preferred name at its May meeting.

April 2015 - Renovate-a-Room Update

The Renovate-a-Room project is back on track with two rooms completed since January 2015 and two more nearing completion. The Kirkland and District Hospital considers this project to be a priority and we are taking steps to have all rooms completed as soon as possible. The project work is being carried out by Hospital maintenance staff along with contractors. Depending on the availability of our maintenance staff and outside contractors, each room takes approximately one month to complete. To date, we have completed 15 rooms equating to 28 beds. With the completion of the current work, we will have renovated 16 rooms for a total of 32 beds.

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